Online Diagnostic of Your Marketing Campaigns

Lucky Dog Marketing will sit down with you and talk about how your business is doing online. We’ll tap into our partnerships, systems, software & resources to provide detailed feedback for you. We’ll give you some free advice on how you can market your business online and in the Sessions last about 30 minutes. No cost or obligation.

Blast Off Program: Drive Sales Fast

Marketing is a long term play. We tell our clients that it will often take a few months to really get a campaign working the way we want it to. Every business is unique and it takes time to figure out the right formula, to test and optimize campaigns.

That being said Lucky Dog Marketing has developed a set of capabilities that we call our Blast Off Service. Blast Off is designed for businesses that need to get customers in their doors as quickly as possible. Blast Off is not appropriate for every business, but when utilized for businesses that qualify it often leads to huge sales volume in the first month.

Online Reputation Management


I’ve heard so many clients scream that so many times. Most clients think that there is nothing more that they can do to improve their reviews and reputation online. They ask their customers to leave them reviews, but never get more than a few. Maybe they even accepted Review Management as an add on service by some other service provider and got nothing.

Well don’t lose hope. Lucky Dog Marketing consistently attracts positive reviews and prevent negative reviews for our customers.

Here are few examples:

Capital Rehab of Annandale: Annandale, VA: 32 New 5-Star Reviews in a month; 2 1-Star Reviews Prevented
Cosmetic Dentist: Tidewater, VA: 44 New 5-Star Reviews in a Month
Pizza Restaurant: Newport News, VA: 50 New 5-Star Reviews in a Month
MowCow Lawn & Landscape: Lawn Care & Landscaping: 27 Reviews to 184 Reviews; 3.3 Stars to 4.4 Stars

There are dozens of other examples of clients who have had tremendous success with our review management program and when review management is combined with our ROI Engine program the results increase exponentially.

Social Media Marketing

Lucky Dog Marketing builds customized marketing campaigns that leverage the unique capabilities of online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google to target the customers most likely to purchase you product or service. We focus not only on attracting leads, but helping our clients convert as many of those leads as possible into new paying customers and converting as many of those new customers into long term customers.

Online marketing offers capabilities that no other platform can match. No other platform can precisely target the customers most likely to purchase your product or service like online marketing plan.

Most of our customers rave that online marketing has completely transformed their businesses.

Chat Bots

You can’t always be there to answer every customers question, but you don’t have to be. With chat bots, customers can get their questions answered automatically on your website and Facebook page.

Many businesses already have automated phone menus, but text based automated messages are much easier and faster and provide a much better customer experience. Plus they take the burden of answering basic questions and customer segmentation and routing off your staff’s shoulders, saving them time for other activities.

Restaurant Profits Program

Why do businesses advertise on TV & in newspapers & magazines?


Those platforms have viewers & when you buy an ad on those platforms you are paying for those viewers…

What if you could build your own radio station, TV station, newspaper or magazine online with thousands or even tens of thousands of your ideal customers in it & you could send them messages whenever you want?

That is the idea behind the ROI engine.

We attract customers who are interested in your product or service using targeted social media ads to drive them into a marketing program. The number of new customers we aim to attract depends on your product & service, but for some clients we have seen as many as 2,000 opt ins in a month. That’s obviously not a typical results. The goal varies according to your business.

We utilize Facebook Messenger, Email and Text Messages to nurture subscribers in our database to get them to patronize your business again and again.

Brand Building

Video makes up nearly 80% of internet traffic.
YouTube is the number 2 search engine on the internet.
Video is the number one type of content people engage with on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and online.
Video helps search engine optimization and drives traffic to your site and into your business.

But most businesses generate ZERO video content.

The team at Lucky Dog Marketing has nearly 20 years of experience with Video Production. We’ve created projects for clients like Visa, PNC, every branch of the military, The National Gallery of Art, Harris Bank, Manalto, Deep Labs, OnTrack Advisory, Hershey’s, National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, The US Postal Service and many others. We specialize in helping our clients develop the right video content to tell their story to their clients the right way to attract new customers to their business, reengage their current customers to bring

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